Concrete Floor Polishing, Floor Leveling and More!

Moisture Mitigation Systems

One of the leading causes of floor covering failure in the Colorado front range market is excessive moisture vapor emission rates (MVERs). Not addressing moisture problems in concrete can cost owners and contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars! Contact us at ICON Specialty Coating for a quote on sealing concrete floors.


Floor Leveling

Floor leveling is our specialty. No matter how large your concrete floor is, and it doesn’t matter if your floor is cracked or uneven due to settling, ICON is flattening Colorado one floor at a time! We will provide you with a firm quote so you have no surprises.


Polished Concrete

Tile may only last 10-20 years, but a floor with concrete floor polishing that is properly maintained may give 100+ years of service. ICON has the newest technology and equipment to give your floors the longest lasting finish.


Concrete Scrub and Seal

A typical scrub and seal is topical polish treatment rolled or sprayed onto the surface of the concrete to seal it. Sealing concrete floors will help preserve the quality of the floor, keeping moisture from deteriorating the surface.


Concrete Floor Prep

At ICON Specialty Coatings, we offer the best in concrete floor prep as part of a package or as a stand-alone option. Get high-quality moisture mitigation, floor leveling, concrete floor polishing and sealing and more with a beautiful finish and clean application.


*Any quote will include all the supplies so you have no surprises. Contact us for concrete floor polishing, floor leveling, sealing concrete floors and much more.

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